How we protect your house

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How we protect your house

how we protect your house window cleaning

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is to hire a company to do a job for you, and then because of their inexperience or lack of respect for your property they cause damage to your home.

At Sunrise Window Cleaning we understand that you just want the job done right and with no hassles.

That is why we endevour to protect your home from any damage while we are there.

These are not “rocket science” ideas, just a few common sense steps that protect your home while we are there.

For instance all our ladders have ladder bumpers on the end of them. This is so that when we lean our ladder against your home there is a soft cushion of foam that will not scratch chip, dent, or cause any damage to the siding of your home.

Additionally when we need to access a window from a roof, we install ladder standoffs on the ladder. This is so the ladder is not sitting on the eavestrough. When a technician climbs the ladder without standoffs it WILL scratch the paint, but worse it will often dent or crush the eavestrough. That is why it is our company policy to use ladder standoff each and every time we need to get on the roof.

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