Hard Water Stain Removal

Published by Ashley Stevens on

Hard Water Stain Removal

hard water stains on window“Hard” water is water that has a lot of dissolved minerals in it, like calcium and silica. Hard water stains result from this type of water drying on your windows- the H2O is gone and leaves behind the minerals. Over time these stains can chemically react to the glass to become part of the glass itself. Although it is called a “stain” it can be compared more to the sun damage you see on old cars. Just like you wouldn’t expect to fix that car’s damage with a car wash, you cannot expect to fix hard water stains with a simple window cleaning. It takes restoration techniques and solvents that are some of window cleaning’s best kept secrets.

Where does it come from?

The two biggest culprits: sprinklers and pool equipment. In this part of Ontario, our water straight from the tap is considered “hard”. So when these fiendish water shooters spray your windows the sun bakes it into your windows and ultimately damages it.

How do you get rid of it?

Simply put, it’s a trade secret. You’ll find a lot of “home remedies” online I’m sure but they just don’t work as quickly or as effectively as the solvents at my disposal. And honestly not all stains are the same. Extremely light stains might be cleaned by vinegar and water. But for mild to severe stuff, please call an expert.